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About Me....
I graduated from Texas Tech University where I majored in English and history. I enjoy teaching world cultures because I have a passion for travel. Not only that, but I find great joy in working with sixth graders and being a part of their learning experience.


Recent Posts

Week of December 12-16

Monday, December 12th
Review for 9-weeks Test (Test will be given Tuesday and Wednesday)
Tuesday, December 13thReading Portion of 9-weeks Test

Wednesday, December 14th
Complete 9-weeks Test

Thursday, December 15th
Complete unfinished work

Friday, December 16th
Various Activities

Week of November 28th-December 2nd

Monday, November 28th
1.  Kinds of Economies: Overview
2.  World News

Tuesday, November 29th
1.  Weekly Geography (Demographics): due Thursday
2.  Kinds of Economies: Questions

Wednesday, November 30th
1.  Weekly Geography due Tomorrow
2.  Kinds of Economies: Review

Thursday, December 1st
1.  Check Weekly Geography
2.  Standard of Living: Terms

Friday, December 2nd
Special Program:  Anti-bullying

October 31st-November 4th

Monday, October 31st
1.  Weekly Geography (2-3):  due Wednesday this week
2.  Panama Canal:  Complete Friday's work
3.  Dia de Los Muertos

Tuesday, November 1st
1.  Kinds of Government:  PPt and Notes
2.  Review for Thursday's Test (North America Map & Geography)
3.  Weekly Geography (2-3) due Tomorrow

Wednesday, November 2nd
1. Weekly Geography Due Today
2. Review for Tomorrow's Test (North America Map & Geography)

Thursday, November 3rd
TEST:  North America Map & Geography

Friday, November 4th
Anti-bullying Presentation

October 24-28

Monday, October 24th
1. Physical Features of Mexico
2.  World News

Tuesday, October 25th
1.  Map of Mexico
2.  Resources of Mexico
3.  Weekly Geography (2-2): due Thursday

Wednesday, October 26th
1.  Central America and the Caribbean Islands
2.  Middle America Worksheet

Thursday, October 27th
1.  Weekly Geography Due
2.  Panama Canal

Friday, October 28th
1.  Day of the Dead
2.  World News

Week of October 17-21

Monday, October 17th
1.  Introduction of North America
2.  North America Map
3.  CNN Student News

Tuesday, October 18th
1.  Weekly Geography 2-1: Due Thursday
2.  Overview of North America

Wednesday, October 19th
1.  Complete North America Overview
2.  Weekly Geography Due Tomorrow

Thursday, October 20th
1.  Weekly Geography Due
2.  Great Plains
3.  Research Products Made From Corn

Friday, October 21st
1.  Open-folder Quiz
2.  CNN Student News 

Week of October 10-14

Monday, October 10th
No School for Students

Tuesday, October 11th
Review for 9-weeks Test

Wednesday, October 12th
Review for 9-weeks Test

Thursday, October 13th
9-weeks Test (District Common Assessment)

Friday, October 14th
Culture and Economy Vocabulary

October 3-7

Monday, October 3rd
Natural Resources:  Questions & Map (from reading pp. 50-51, text)
Tuesday, October 4th
1.  Weekly Geography 1-7: due Thursday
2.  Complete Natural Resources Questions & Map

Wednesday, October 5th
1.  Weekly Geography 1-7 due Tomorrow
2.  Culture:  PPt/Notes/Culture Web

Thursday, October 6th
1.  Weekly Geography Due
2.  Nonfiction Reading Passage & Questions: Letters from Ancient Pompeii
3.  Organize Folders for Open-folder Test Tomorrow

Friday, October 7th
Test #3:  Open-folder Test

Week of September 26-30

Monday, September 26th
1.  Text: pages 42 & 43
     (Why do towns and cities tend to form along rivers?"
2.  Complete Review for Wednesday's GeographyTest 

*PreAP Projects Due Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 27th
1. Play Review Game (Geography Test Tomorrow)
2. Weekly Geography 1-6:  Due Thursday

Wednesday, September 28th
Geography Test

Thursday, September 29th
1.  Read:  Text pages 44 & 45
     (What affects climate?)
2.  Complete Climate Region Map
3.  Weekly Geography Due Today

Friday, September 30th
1.  Review the factors that affect climate
2.  Finish Climate Regions Map

Week of September 19-23

Monday, September 19
1.  Practice SCALE on a Map
2.  World News

Tuesday, September 20
1.  Weekly Geography 1-5:  Due Thursday
2.  Geography Terms: Illustrations

Wednesday, September 21
1.  Essentials of Geography: Video (National Geographic)
2.  Read pages 38 & 39 in textbook/Analyze Cause & Affect of living in certain geographic environments
3.  Topography Map: Identify Key Land-forms
Thursday, September 22
1.  Check Weekly Geography 1-5
2.  Mount Saint Helens: Before & After Pictures
3.  Read textbook pages 40 & 41; compare earthquakes & volcanoes
     How do earthquakes affect human life? Identify problems & solutions.
Friday, September 23
1.  Catch-up and Review
2.  World News

Week of September 6-9

Tuesday, September 6th
1.  Weekly Geography 1-3 (Robinson Projection Map): due Thursday
2.  Finish World Cultures Vocabulary
3.  World News
Wednesday, September 7th
1.  Weekly Geography Due Tomorrow
2.  National Geographic textbook, pages 22-23 (Physical & Political Maps)
3.  Review for TEST Friday
Thursday, September 8t
1.  Weekly Geography Due
2.  Review for TEST Tomorrow (Map Skills)
Friday, September 9th
1.  TEST
2.  World News

Week of August 29th---September 2nd

Monday, August 29th
1.  Complete World Map and Questions 
2.  World News
Tuesday, August 30th
1.  Weekly Geography 1-2 (Parallels and Meridians): due Thursday
2.  Reading Passage and Questions:  Seven Continents
Wednesday, August 31st
1.  Atlas Scavenger Hunt
2.  Weekly Geography 1-2 Due Tomorrow
Thursday, September 2nd
1.  Check Weekly Geography
2.  Quiz (Use folders.)
3.  Finish Atlas Scavenger Hunt
Friday, September 3rd
1.  Check Atlas Scavenger Hunt
2.  World Cultures Vocabulary
*PreAP:  Introduce 1st 9-weeks Project

Week of August 22-26

Monday, August 22nd
*Getting Acquainted
*Class Procedures

Tuesday, August 23rd
1.  Parent Letter:  Send back to Mrs Schulke with signatures (by Friday) for a free
2.  Weekly Geography 1-1 (Elements on a Map):  DUE THURSDAY
3.  Parts of a Map

Wednesday, August 24th
1.  Pretest/Overview
2.  Weekly Geography due Tomorrow

Thursday, August 25th

1.  Check Weekly Geography
2.  Rules for Making Maps
3.  Begin WORLD MAP
Friday, August 26th
1.  Parent Letter Signatures Due (for free 100)
2.  Set up class folders
3.  Continue World Maps