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Welcome to Art
            Sixth graders have art class every day for about 45 minutes.  Some of my students are Fall or Spring Semester students . And we also have two Year long Classes.  During art we will learn about art and artists of different times and places and work in a variety of media.
Most of our projects are introduced with an art history or appreciation lesson. Assignments are then given with specific criteria for students to develop in their own artwork, incorporating skills and concepts we have discussed in learning about these select masterworks.
Some projects may be completed in a couple of days, others in a week or two.
Its's my expectation that students will finish all assignments.  It is important, therefore, that students attend class regularly in order to not miss new material being introduced  and have adequate time to complete work.
  When students are absent they may need to make up assignments by coming in to work outside of regularly scheduled class time.  If any students wishes to work after school they must have transportation home set up before that afternoon.
Students are assessed on their personal progress in the Magnolia School District based on the Texas Evaluation of Knowledge and Skills standards, which focus on the learning and skill development inherent in creating and responding to art.
 Skill building activities in sketchbooks and in class activities make up 40%.
 The finished artworks are 60 % of the overall grades.
Through out the semester as students finish artwork, I will display the work on our campus. Periodically I will send home artwork through out the semester.
We will also create a portfolio to save artwork during the semester.
We will also have art competitions during this year.  Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Student Art Competition and the Spring Art Show in May are our biggest events. I also encourage students to participate in the Pearl Fincher / Museum of Fine Art, student competition.
If you have questions or concerns about your child's progress in art please let me know. I look forward to working with you in the coming weeks.
Karen Foux, BB6C Art teacher