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Welcome to BB6! Thanks for visiting my page! I'm very excited to be back at BB6 for what is sure to be an AMAZING year. This is my fifth year at BB6 and my twelth year teaching science. I absolutely love what I do and hope that my students see that every day in my classroom. My classroom is a place where I strive to provide a safe, fun, exciting, and challenging environment where my students feel successful in some way every day. Please feel free to contact me anytime, I'd love to hear from you!

Shannon Wilson


Visit the Science Scoop link to the right for a weekly update of what’s going on in science including – learning objectives, key vocabulary, essential questions, and general announcements


Recent Posts

Week of 5/14/18

Unit Title: Organisms and the Environment
Objective: Diagram Levels within an Ecosystem, Abiotic + Biotic Interactions
Monday 5/14 - MATH STAAR

Tuesday 5/15 - READING STAAR

Wednesday 5/16 - Complete Organisms + Environment Search and Rescue, Ecosystems Word Fill in the Blank + Word Find

Thursday 5/17 - Kingdom Classification + Ecosystems Test

Friday 5/18 - Test Pass Back + Nine Weeks Wrap Up

Week of 5/07/18

Monday 5/07 - Backpack Ecosystem + Abiotic and Biotic Interactiions
Tuesday 5/08 - Abiotic + Biotic Interactiions Independent Practice

Wedensday 5/09 - Begin Levels within Ecosystem Pyramid

Thursday 5/10 - Conclude Levels within Ecosystem Pyramid + Levels Practice

Friday 5/11 - Levels with Ecosystem Search and Rescue

Week of 4/30/18

Mon 4/30 - Domain Classification Graphic Organizer + Practice
Tues 5/01 - Kingdom Classification Practice
Wed 5/02 - Kingdom Classifiaction Who am I?
Thursday 5/03 - Kingdom Characteristics Flash Card Practice

Friday 5/04 - Kingdom Characteristics Flash Card Quiz

Week of 4/23/18

This Week's Activities:
Monday 4/23 - ADI Kingdom Classiication Draft Argument & Argument Session
Tuesday 4/24 - ADI Kingdom Classification Ivestigation Report Draft
Wednesday 4/25 - ADI Kingdom Classification Investigation Report Final
Thursday 4/26 - ADI Kingdom Classification Investigation Report Final Due
Friday 4/27 - Kingdom Classification Flip Tab Flash Cards + Domain Classification

Week of 4/16/18

Monday 4/16 - Complete Prokaryote + Eukaryote Comparison
Tuesday 4/17 - Miscrope Use to Explore Microorganisms

Wednesday 4/18 - Argument Driven Inquiry (Exlore + Investigation Draft) Kingdom Classification

Thursday 4/19 - ADI (Data Collection + Analysis) Kingdom Classification

Friday 4/20 - ADI (Claim Presentation White Boards) Kingdom Classification

Week of 4/09/18

Monday 4/09 - Identify Characteristics of All Living Things

Tuesday 4/10 - Compare Unicellular Organisms to Multicellular Organisms

Wednesday 4/11 - Compare Asexual Reproduction to Sexual Reproduction

Thursday 4/12 - Compare Autotrophs to Heterotrophs

Friday 4/13 - Compare Eukaryotic Cells to Prokaryotic Cells

Week of 4/02/18

Monday 4/02 - Gravity Explore Activities (PhET Simulations + Gravitational Field Models)

Tuesday 4/03 - Plan Investigation for Gravity Argument Driven Inquiry (ADI)

Wednesday 4/04 - Collect Data for Gravity ADI

Thursday 4/05 - Create Argument Draft for Gravity ADI

Friday 4/06 - Class Presentations of Claims for Gravity ADI

Week of 3/26/18

Monday 3/26 - Complete Solar System Tab Notes, Continue Solar System Project

Tuesday 3/27 - Continue Solar System Project

Wednesday 3/28 - Solar System Project Due, Solar System Crossword Due

Thursday 3/29 - Field Day

Friday 3/30 - No School, Good Friday

Week of 3/19/18

Monday 3/19 - What makes a Planet a Planet? 
Tuesday 3/20 - "The Planets" Video + Activity Sheet
Wednesday 3/21 - Solar System Flip Tab Notes
Thursday 3/22 - Complete Flip Tab Notes + Solar System Crossword
Friday 3/23 - "Pocket" Solar System Project Set Up

Week of 3/05/18

Monday 3/05 - Plate Boundary Cartoon, Quizizz Review Class Competitions

Tuesday 3/06 - 3rd Nine Weeks DCA

Wednesday 3/07 - Writing in Science, Lab Safety Importance

Thursday 3/08 - Journey to the Center of the Earth Movie

Friday 3/09 - Journey to the Center of the Earth Movie

Week of 2/26/18

Monday 2/26 - Earth Layers Lab Data Collection

Tuesday 2/27 - Practice Reading STAAR (No science classes this day)

Wednesday 2/28 - Earth Layers Lab Conclusion, Plate Boundary Notes

Thursday 3/01 - Plate Boundary Notes, Plate Boundary Practice

Friday 3/02 - Milky Way Plate Tectonics